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Open Channel Flow Meter

  • Model:RBEF-OP
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    The RBEF-OP open channel electromagnetic flow meter is an electromagnetic flow sensorideal for open channel flow monitoring applications. RBEF-OP open channelmagnetic flow meter uses electromagnetic technology to measure velocity anddepth to calculate continuous area velocity measurements. It is used forcontinuous measurement in open channel (most common flumes and weirs such as Parshall, Venturi, Palmer-Bowles flumes and V-notch and rectangular weirs.Also, to be used with non-standard channels and weirs, often installed at wastewater plants and stormflow locations. It can measure and displayinstantaneous flow rate, flow velocity, totalize flow rate and any other data.

    The RBEF-OP open channelelectromagnetic flow meter is composed by an electromagnetic velocity sensor, awater level sensor and a flow transmitter. It’s especially applicableto the measurement of municipal rainwater, sewage water, waste water andirrigation water.

    The RBEF-OP open channel magnetic flow meter Features:

    • Workingprinciple: Electromagnetic
    • Measuringrange: 0.01 --- 10m/s
    • Measurementaccuracy: flow velocity ±1.0%, level±0.5%, system ±2.5%.
    • Dual powersupply, selective use of AC/DC, Solar power is for optional
    • Display: waterlevel, flow velocity, flow rate
    • Output: RS485or 4-20mA and Alarm output, GPRS is for optional
    • Multiple inputinterface, support the flow velocity, water level sensor 4-20mA signal input.
    • Data storage,keep setting parameters and measuring record during a long power failure.
    • Easyconstruction, convenient reconstruction, simple new installation.

    The RBEF-OP open channel magnetic flow meter Specification:

    Working principle:


    Measuring range:

    0.01 --- 10m/s


    RS485 or GPRS(optional)

    Normal working condition

    Ambient temperature

    –10+ 60

    Relative humidity


    Power supply

    AC220V, 110V DC12V, 3.6V battery

    Power Consumption

    less than 5W.

    Channel or Pipe size


    DN100 --- DN6000

    pipe/channel widthmm

    40 --- 6000 mm


    width ≤6m, depth ≤32m



    Protection Class

    Electromagnetic flow Transmitter


    Electromagnetic flow Sensor


    Ultrasonic level meter


    Hydrostatic Sensor


    The RBEF-OP open channel magnetic flow meters Model Selection:


    • Agricultural irrigation
    • Sewer/ChannelNetworks Monitoring
    • Large sewerchannels
    • High velocityflows
    • Discharge
    • WastewaterTreatment Plants
    • Flow totreatment
    • Discharge
    • Plant effluent
    • Storm discharge
    •  Process flowcontrol

      Open channel magnetic flow meter

    open channel electromagnetic flowmeter