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RB3204 Paperless Recorder

  • Model:RB3204
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    Economic RB3204 Paperless Recorder Feature
    • High precision signal input ± 0.2% F.S.
    • Standard instrument size 160mm * 80mm
    • Monochrome LCD, 320 * 200 resolution 
    • Channel high- low limit alarm, 4-way relay contact output
    • 4-way universal signal input, mA, V, mV, TC, RTD,etc
    • Support thermocouple to input cold junction compensation
    • 1-way 4-20mA current output, 1-way 24VDC power distribution
    • USB 2.0 interface, support instrument data export
    • It can record 180 days during1 minute interval , and data will not be lost in10 years
    • A variety of data forms, digital, bar graphs, curves
    • Support channel accumulation, as well as the shift report , daily, monthly and annual report
    • Standard RS232C/RS485 communication interface, standard Modbus RTU agreement
    • It has configuration file backup export functions 
    Economic RB3204 Paperless Recorder Specification:
    • Number of Inputs 1~4channels 
    • Accuracy: 0.2%FS 
    • Display: 3 inch LCD screen 
    • Size: boundary dimension 160mm*80mm
    • perfprate dimension 156mm*76mm 
    • Input: 0-10 mA, 4-20 Ma,0-5 V, 1-5 V, 0-20 mV. 0-100 mV,  
    • Thermocrouple:B,E,J,K,S,T,R,N,F1,F2,WRE 
    • RTD:Pt100,Cu50,BA1,BA2 
    • Sampling period: 1s 
    • Record: 1s/2s/5s/10s/15s/30s/1m/2m/4m 
    • Input impendance: Standard current signal input 250 ohm,other signal input>20M ohm 
    • Power supply: AC voltage 176-240VAC 
    • Alarm output: 250VAC, 3A relay 
    • Communication: Interface:RS-485 or RS-232 
    • Powe fail safeguard: Data is saved in the Flash storage needn't the backup battery. Every data will not be missed in case of poweroff. 
    • RTC: Using hardware real time clock and with Lithium battery when the power off, maximum error 1min/month 
    • Watchdog: Integrated Watchdog chip to assure the system stable 
    • Isolation: channel and GND isolation voltage>500VAC; 
    • Channel and channer isolation voltage>250VAC 

    Economic RB3204 Paperless Recorder Model Selection:
    Economic RB3204 Paperless Recorder
    Economic RB3204 Paperless Recorder Applications:
    The RB3204 paperless recorder can input signal for all the various needed monitoring records in the industrial site, such as:
    • Thermocouple, flow signal of the flow meter, 
    • The temperature signal of thermal resistance, 
    • Pressure signal of the pressure transmitter, etc. 
    Through the data processing of high-performance microprocessor, on the one hand, it can display various forms of screens in high resolution liquid crystal display screen , and on the other hand, it can store the monitoring signal data in large-capacity memory chips inside the instrument in order to query, read and print data and graphics directly