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RB5616 Paperless Recorder

  • Model:RB5616
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    RB5616 Paperless Recorder Features
    • Display & Operation
    • 5.6 inch Color LCD screen
    • Multiple display Function :choose the display your way
    • Use date and time calendar search functions
    •  Review historical data .
     Basic Functions
    • Up to 16 channels of universal input
    • UP to 12 Alarm Output Relays
    • Communication type: RS485,RS232 Modbus RTU
    • With a USB data transfer interface
     Reliability and Security
    • Make sure that all the historical data and configuration parameters
    •  Not lost when power fail. Real time clock power supply by lithium batteries
    • Dust- and splash-proof front panel
    • Power Fail Safeguard:All the data stored in Flash memory 

    RB5616 1-16 Channel Paperless Recorder Specifications
    RB5616 Paperless Recorder

    RB5616 1-16 Channel  Paperless Recorder Model Selection

     RB5616 1-16 Channels Paperless Recorder


    RB5616 1-16 Channel Paperless Recorder is able to display, measure and record data acquired from the input signals,maxium 16 channels, color display, relay out function, RS232 or RS485 communication. The data is stored in the inner memory and can be transferred to external U Disk, and read on PC through software.