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R & B Instrument Inc.(RB Flowmeter) focuses international market sales since 2005.

RB Flowmeter's group manufactures products for flow measurement applications include a wide range of liquid flow measurement products:

Magnetic flow meters: for closed and partial pipes and open channel Magnetic flow meters, Inline and Insertion type Magnetic flow meters, Battery operated Electromagnetic water meters & AC/DC main power and Battery powered Magnetic Flow Converter;


Ultrasonic flow meters: Clamp-on Transit-time Ultrasonic Flow meter and Ultrasonic Heat meter(BTU meter), Battery powered Ultrasonic Water Meter and Heat meter;


Coriolis Mass flow meter:


Insertion and Inline type Density meter


Water quality control(dissolved oxygen analyzer, Conductivity meter and PH/ORP Controller, PH sensor, etc.) 


Vortex flow meters: Inline and Insertion for liquid, steam and gas;


Paperless Recorder, etc.


These flow measurement are sold to more than 20 countries to measure and control solutions for diverse applications, fluid types and process conditions from a wide range of flow meters technologies.